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  • &lt;strong>Size: 10 inches</li>
  • Lifespan: up to 25 years
  • Bird Species: Conure
  • Colors: Green
  • Sounds: Vocal, Mimics, Natural Calls, Quiet, Chirps
  • Interaction: Social, Energetic, Friendly, Sociable, Goofy
  • Comparable Breeds: Mitred Conure, Jenday Conure
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One of the rarer conures in the pet parrot world, Brown Throated Conure parrots incredibly charming and makes a wonderful pets. With cute looks, a friendly and goofy personality, they never fail to entertain or put a smile on your face. Being very social birds, they will often make a strong bond with their owners and will require plenty of playtime and interaction.

Besides this, they are a low maintenance bird and as such, a good choice for beginner owners and all those looking for a friendly and loving pet parrot. The popularity of these conure parrots is the proof of their lovable traits. The Brown Throated Conure Parrot is one of the rare parrot breeds that like to nest in holes like rock crevices, ground burrows and tree mounds. Buy White Fronted Amazon, Yellow Naped Amazon, Moluccan Cockatoo all for sale here at our online Parrotdize shop.

Brown Throated Conure Parrots has a varied diet that includes both commercial seed mixes and fresh foods. Commercial seed mix for parakeets and conures can serve as the base of their diet. Providing essential minerals found in millet seeds, oats, rye, and maize. Supplementing their diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as well-cooked foods like potato and chicken breast, helps prevent vitamin deficiencies and promotes overall health.


The brown-throated parakeet’s nesting season varies throughout its range. It may nest at almost any time of year in Suriname and the Antilles, and from February to April in Colombia and Venezuela. It usually excavates a cavity in a nest of an arboreal termite, often one from the genus Nasutitermes. Furthermore, it also nests in natural cavities in a tree, on a cliff face, or in an earthen bank. Often several pairs will nest in a single rotten tree. The clutch size is two to seven eggs. In captivity, the incubation period is 23 days. In the wild, the time to fledge is 36 to 37 days.


The brown-throated parakeet is very vocal. Its flight calls “include high-pitched screeching and harsh grating ‘scraart scraart‘ cries, rapidly repeated.” It also makes “shorter, bisyllabic ‘tchrit tchrit’ and ‘cherr cheedit'” calls, and from a perch “similar calls and chattering notes.

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